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13 Mar 2023

“23nd LAMS Matera Award” – Edition 2023: live & online




International Festival-Contest for young musicians



26-29 May 2023 Soloists, Chamber music, Ensemble




recital and concerts for the European Capital of Culture
scholarship, special awards


Application deadline:
16 May 2023


After the great success of the latest editions, the Lams Matera Award – International Festival/Contest for
young musicians (called “Rosa Ponselle” until 2018) reaches the 23th edition and it is part of the many
LAMS artistic and cultural initiatives, with the patronage of the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural
Activities, of Basilicata Region, of Matera Municipality, of Matera Province.
The field of the promotion of young musicians is an area in which the Lams wants to invest in order to
stimulate as more as possible the growth of artistic wealth and potentiality, local and not, of the new
generations. The Award ‘s goals are to disseminate the musical culture, to offer an important opportunity
to verify one’s abilities to the competitors, through the comparison and the fair competition,
consolidating and promoting the cultural tourism to the knowledge of Matera and of the whole


The LAMS MATERA Awards competitors could choose two modalities:
• A) live, in Matera from 26 to 29 May 2023;
• B) online, on the Lams YouTube channel from 26 to 29 May 2023.


For any information, do not hesitate to contact us, in the usual email ( and facebook (Lams Matera).


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